The Value of Buying a One Storey Home

Choosing the right home to buy is no easy decision. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration and the choice between a single storey and two-floor home is one of them. You must think of your current situation and whether a single storey would be a more suitable option to double. If you are still undecided about a house, this article may persuade you to go for a one storey building.

Broader Market Appeal

When we are looking to buy a new home, we rarely focus on its appeal to other buyers. You never know when you might decide to sell your home and if that day comes, you should be thinking about its wider appeal.

There are some great homes on sale at, showcasing the many benefits of buying a single storey home. One storey homes have a wider appeal because they are more accessible for families and older adults.

Better Investment

Buying a home is a big investment and if you plan on putting it up for sale in the future, a single storey building will attract more attention.

The simple fact is that buyers prefer a single storey home and there is always a higher demand for them. When choosing a house, it is important to pick one that holds its resale value.

Easier to Maintain

Another obvious reason to go for a single storey house is that it is easier to maintain. You do not have to worry about taking care of two floors. General maintenance chores are much more convenient when there is only one storey.


You can find some great value single storey homes across Thailand. They can be a lot cheaper than a comparable design that is a double-storey.

Single storey homes also reduce maintenance costs such as the ongoing cost of air conditioning.

Open Plan Design

Most single storey homes are open plan designs, and this is attractive for many buyers. They effortlessly blend indoor and outdoor living, which is perfect in countries with warm climates.

As you can see, there are many good reasons to opt for a one storey house over a double. A one storey house is safer for people with young kids, and it is also more convenient when you get older as there is no need to navigate the stairs. They are more affordable, usually better designed, and easier to connect the inside of the house with the outdoors.