The Three Best Types of Construction Timber

Today, timber remains one of the most popular materials for various construction projects. Specifically, framing or building a structure, timber is used because of its qualities. Timber is also one of the oldest materials architects use to build homes, but it is reliable and durable. It works as an excellent insulator. Timber is affordable, sustainable, and more environmentally friendly than other building materials.

Timber Is Affordable

The construction industry uses various methods and materials. However, it relies on timber. You will notice that timber is more affordable than other materials, but the price does fluctuate. There are different species of timber such as Douglas Fir, Eastern White Pine, and Red Oak. You will notice the price of timber in Brisbane fluctuates based on the species and the current market. For example, inflation will cause the price of wood to drastically increase. Red Oak is also often more expensive than Douglas Fir.

The Three Best Species of Timber

You will want to ask the supplier what type of timber they suggest for your project. Some species are better for specific projects because of their varying characteristics. An experienced timber or supplier can help you navigate the different species of timber.

  1. Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir timber is well-known for its structural strength. Contractors will use Douglas Fir to build beams, posts, and structural walls. Douglas Fir can be orange-brown or yellow. Some Douglas Fir timber appears to have a deep reddish-brown colour. Douglas Fir is known to chip and crack during the drying process.

  1. Eastern White Pine

Eastern White Pine is ideal for home and cabin construction. Pine does not shrink and swell as easily as other types of lumber. When the temperature becomes hot or humid, it will not absorb as much moisture. It also has the least amount of shrinkage during the cooler winter months. When wood swells and shrinks, it becomes warped. White Pine is reliable, durable, and maintains its structure. Many people prefer to use treated Eastern White Pine to build cabins.

  1. Red Oak

Red oak is a more popular choice for the interior of a home. Red oak is durable for high traffic areas but also stains easily. You can apply stains and finishes to Red Oak without excessive blotching like other species. Many people choose Red Oak for interior floors and cabinets. It has a wide grain pattern that offers a natural aesthetic. Red Oak is more expensive than other species of timber such as Douglas Fir and Eastern White Pine.