The Main Steps for Building a House

If the process is broken down into its most important parts, there are a handful of major steps that are involved in building most conventional houses. Although this article will detail these parts of the building process, it will only be scratching the surface in regards to what all is involved in building a quality home.

The Preparation Phase

The first couple of steps for building a house involve preparing for the home’s construction. Keep reading to learn what the preparation entails.

Create Plans

Of course, before the actual building takes place, there has to be plans drawn up that the builder can refer to during the construction process. This is typically done by an architect. A permit must also be obtained prior to the house’s construction.

Clear the Site

You will need to level the site on which you plan to have the home constructed. This is also the stage where the foundation is laid in preparation for the framing. If the house you are building includes a basement, then a hole also needs to be dug and filled with cement during this part of the process.

Keep in mind that due to flood zones, you may sometimes be required to build up the earth at the site of your new home to lower the risk of your house succumbing to flood damage in the future.

The Building Phase

After the site has been cleared and the foundation has been laid, it is finally time to start the actual house building (known as รับสร้างบ้าน in Thai) phase of the process.


The first part of the building phase involves framing the house in its entirety. This includes installing the roof trusses, as well as sheathing them. The skeleton of your new home is now ready for dressing.

Electricity and Plumbing

At this point, after getting the frame built, it is time to install all of the wires and pipes that will be inside your house. This includes the plumbing system, electrical wires, HVAC-related installations, and any other necessary wires.

Insulation, Drywall, and Floors

The final step in building a house includes adding insulation in the walls, installing and painting the drywall and trim, and laying down the flooring.

This last portion of the building process also involves adding all of the appliances and other necessities found in a house, such as the refrigerator, bathtub, oven, and washing machine, among other things.