Next Time You’re Having a Clear Out, Do Yourself a Favour And, Hire a Skip

When anybody starts to have a clear out, unless they are insanely organized like, OTT organized then the process probably consists of, knowing that you want to get rid of stuff, a load of black bags and about 10 trips to the local tip whereby you end up accumulating a load more crap that you don’t need.


Clearly, if you are only making one or two trips with small loads and have absolutely no intention, nor the inclination of gathering more stuff when you get there then, doing tip runs yourself might not be such a bad idea. If, on the other hand, you are required to do several trips, domestically or on behalf of your business, then it probably makes more sense to look at small skip hire around Maidenhead, you could find that it works out more cost effective, or at least, ‘convenient’.

Next time, do the math and skip the tip, for your very own skip

Some companies offer different services so you’ll find all sorts available, you can quite literally hire your own skip and truck to go with it, but you’d need qualified personnel to man the truck and look after the health and safety aspects. Or, the most affordable to option is to have the skip guys come pick up and then take off to where the waste needs to go.  

You might even find some firms that will come and do all the clearance for you too, so, you don’t even need to lift a finger other than having to put the kettle on a few times and making a payment when the jobs done.