How To Fit Over Skirting? Check It Out

Skirting over skirting is the best option, as they work as a substitute for the skirting boards. To install them, there is no need to remove the old ones that are already attached to the walls. You can go for the installation of these boards on the ones already available on the wall.

Here, you can either consult with the professional for the task or complete it at your level. Now we will look at some common steps that will help you out in the installation of the over-skirting boards:

1.    Marking out cut points

At the initial stage, you can mark the cut points on the skirting boards that you want to add. It will help you to frame an idea about the leg and height of the birds already placed on the wall. Even formulating an accurate picture becomes easy, giving the whole idea about the boards that will be a favorable option for the walls. Using the rules at this stage will complete the task in no time.

2.    Cut it into the shape

Once the main idea is clear about where you will be willing to cut the boards, it’s high time to cut them into pieces based on the marking you have done in the upper step. As a result, the shape you will get of the skirting boards will be the same that will be covered on the boards for good results.

3.    Securing the profile

Now the thing that matters for the look of the boards is the security of the boards. You need to be careful and ensure no profile movement to reach the final results. The best results can be obtained by pinning the boards through the boards and the base that is already attached to the walls. It will make you feel secure at a higher level.

4.    Prepare the scribes

As we all know, some boards are already fitted on the wall. Now you have to scribe the boards so that there is overlapping of the boards properly with good results. The equipment, like the miter saw, can be used at a 45-degree angle; it is a standard option for cutting the angle down to 90 degrees with an accurate output.

5.    Cut the scribes

The scribes you have framed need to be cut based on the requirement. If you support the marking on the boards, things will become simple for you. Things will become simple for you, and you can cut all the material into pieces based on the old boards attached to the walls.

6.    Securing the boards

At last, you need to ensure the boards use high-quality adhesive to join the boards attached to the walls. You need to apply the glue on the body and even the other profile that is available as an option.


Considering these everyday steps, you can complete the installation of the over skirting boards. Here, the quality of the boards you will use in the process will affect the working. Following all the steps in definite numbers will make things easy and accurate.