Flat Roof Repair Versus Replacement – What Do You Need?

There are tons of reasons why a flat roof may sustain damage. It can be due to a storm, heavy impact, moulding, or simply ageing. If the damage is localised, then repairs may work. If leakage and cracks are widespread, then a full replacement can save you money in the long run.

Damaged Flashing

People often overlook the roof flashing when taking damage into account, even though it’s a crucial part. Damaged flashing means roofs retain moisture and dampness.

Pooling Water

Flat roofs aren’t totally flat – they have a slight slope so water flows easily. Pooling water (and not in one or two small puddles) is a sign of damage.


Exposure to high temperatures or heavy impacts in a storm can cause dents and cracks to appear on a roof. Flat roof repair in Exeter is recommended.

Do You Need Flat Roof Repair or Replacement?

If you spot signs of damage and are wondering whether you need repairs or replacement, consider a few things.

What’s Your Roof’s Age?

The average age of a flat roof is 20 years. Well-maintained roofs can last 25 years. After that, repairs can extend the lifespan for a few more years. Once your roof reaches 25 to 30 years of age, you need to start planning for a full replacement.

Are the Cracks Widespread?

Repairs work when roof damage is localised. For more widespread cracking, a roof recovering or replacement is beneficial. A roof coating can help avoid cracks due to harsh sunlight.

Are There More Leaks?

If you find multiple spots of leakage in your flat roof, then get in touch with a contractor. They’ll inspect the roof and either block the leaks through repair or suggest a full replacement if the underlayment has perforation.

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