A Sample Decluttering Schedule for Any Home

Life is exciting as you find new decor items for your home, knick-knacks to decorate your bookcases, and new items to carry out your hobby. However, you can only hold so much in your home, which means you need a decluttering schedule so you can enjoy the new possessions you have while ridding of what you do not use anymore.

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Every Day

You can declutter just a few small things per day in your home to keep it tidy. These include:

  • Junk mail.
  • Inside your purse or bookbag.
  • Clutter on tables or desks.
  • The launchpad in your home is where everything is located to grab before you go out the door such as a purse, keys, sunglasses, and more.
  • The trash in your car.
  • Items on the kitchen counter from cooking throughout the day.
  • Your email.

Every Week

Weekly decluttering projects are good for items that may not get out of control daily, but you can wait until the end of the week to get rid of some of them. They are:

  • Bathroom supplies.
  • Put away the clean laundry so it’s not sitting in a corner somewhere.
  • Refrigerated food. Discard old food so there is room for when you go grocery shopping again.
  • Your bedroom. Throw out the trash in there, put away things where they belong, etc.

Every Six Months

Some possessions can be decluttered every six months as seasons change and children grow. These include:

  • Children’s clothing. Donate or toss the styles that do not fit them anymore.
  • Beauty supplies. Get rid of old body wash and donate any bottles that you will not be using any time soon.
  • The pantry. Discard expired canned goods and boxed foods.
  • Cups in your cabinet. Especially if you have kids, there will be cute cups everywhere. If you love mugs and regularly buy them, select the ones that you use the most and donate the rest.

Every Year

Some of the things that you should declutter at least once a year include:

  • Children’s toys. Try to do this about a month before Christmas, so that there is room for the new toys they receive from you and various relatives.
  • Adult clothing. If you have not worn it in the past six to 11 months, it’s time to donate it or repurpose it for a DIY project.
  • Filing cabinet. You should keep your important records on paper for at least seven years back. Shred paper that is from years before that. If you still want to keep a copy of it, scan it on your phone and save it to your Google Drive.


Start your decluttering journey by picking a problem spot in your home and working on it for at least 15 minutes per day. The little bit of time devoted will feel like a huge accomplishment when you get the entire spot decluttered.