4 Sleek Iron French Doors for Modern Oregon Homes

When it comes to unparalleled residential style and sophistication, Oregon springs to mind. The state stands out for its aesthetically pleasing properties that check off all the boxes. If you live in Portland, Eugene, Salem, Bend, Astoria, Ashland, or any other city in Oregon, we’re sure your home is a sight for sore eyes. The dazzling state is home to some of the most exquisitely designed properties across the nation!

What’s the secret ingredient for this stellar recipe? The right interior and exterior doors. Over the years, iron French doors have become a staple in Oregon. The sleek, sophisticated, and ultra-modern doors complement a wide range of residential styles. Simply put, they’re a cut above the rest! If you’re on the lookout for the perfect pair of iron French doors for your home, we’ve got you covered. Continue reading for some inspiration!

  1. Arched Iron French Doors

French doors come in a wide range of unique styles. In 2021, arched iron French doors have been dominating the industry. Their demand has skyrocketed, and it doesn’t take much to figure out why.

The chic, minimalist, and luxe doors pack a powerful visual punch! Owing to their classic appeal and versatility, they can be used as iron entry doors, iron patio doors, or interior doors for any space.

We recommend choosing arched iron French doors with glass panels. This is a great way to invite a ton of natural light into your space. Not only will your interior entryway look more enlivened, but your exterior entryway will also appear sophisticated and elegant.

  1. Double Iron French Doors

As one of the most popular door styles in Oregon, double iron French doors are a masterpiece. The stunning doors fit seamlessly into any interior space: modern, minimalist, bohemian, transitional, rustic, industrial, mid-century modern, traditional, or coastal, among others. In essence, you can’t go wrong with these doors.

If your home is bathed in whites and neutrals, the eye-catching doors will stand out. Their deep color makes them perfect for homes with lighter color schemes. However, as stated earlier, they also work well with other interior designs, colors, textures, patterns, and elements.

Once you’ve found the perfect pair of double iron French doors for your space, we recommend accessorizing your interior entryway accordingly. Balance the black finishing of the doors with charcoal accessories. In this example, the doors are beautifully paired with a matte black handrail, banisters, and entryway table. These elements harmonize the space, and dramatically increase its aesthetic appeal.

Instead of solely doubling down on black furnishings and fixtures, make sure you retain balance. As you strategically combine cool and warm elements, you’ll manage to design a cohesive, inviting, and engaging space.

  1. Sleek Iron French Doors

While wide iron French doors are extremely popular, sleeker alternatives are also garnering quite a lot of attention in the industry. Tall, sleek, and sophisticated iron French doors are perfect for interior spaces with high ceilings.

If your space features vaulted ceiling beams, indulge in factory-style iron French doors to take the overall elegance and sumptuousness to new heights. You’ll be taken aback by the makeover!

Sleeker and taller French doors are perfect for interior spaces like the living room, pantry, master bedroom, and guest room. You can also customize them to ensure seamless incorporation into just about any interior space!

  1. Iron Patio Doors

If you’re looking for the perfect portals for your patio, iron French doors are the best choice you can make. The beautiful doors cohesively combine interior and exterior spaces to ensure optimal aesthetic appeal. Not only will your patio appear more inviting from the inside, but your living room will also look more uplifted as you enjoy mimosas and granola-topped yogurt outside.

We recommend taking your time to determine the right size of iron patio doors for your home. If you’re remodeling your home, you can choose the perfect size based on how much area you want the doors to cover. The taller and wider the doors, the better. Your interior space will receive a ton of natural light, and you’ll get a hearty glimpse of your patio from the inside.

Whichever style of iron French doors you end up choosing, there’s no way you can go wrong. Whether you incorporate them into your space as patio doors, front doors, or interior doors, you’ll marvel at the outcome!

For an added touch of oomph and pizzazz, accessorize the doors with pastel curtains. If you’re working with iron French entry doors, opt for a modern transom and sidelights. By adding a few

touches here and there, you’ll manage to make your brand new portals look twice as sophisticated and luxe.

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