11 Legitimately Awesome Plumber Company Products To Buy Right Now

Drill Bits

Whether working at home or on a professional job site, drill bits are essential. Used by a range of professionals, like electricians or Waco emergency plumber, they help bore holes for pipes or wires.

Masonry drill bits, designed for use with a hammer drill, make holes in masonry and stone. A step drill bit allows you to create holes of different sizes with one bit, and countersinks can be used to create flat-bottomed holes that hide screw heads.

Tape Measure

Your trusty tape measure can help you take measurements on hard surfaces, but did you know it also has a hook slot and a scribing tool? The hook, found at the end of your tape’s metal tip, is loose enough to allow it to grab onto nails and screws. If no marking tool is available, the scribe tool will enable you to mark your surface with the video.


No handyperson’s tool kit is complete without a few screwdrivers. These hand-operated tools amplify the turning motion of your hand to the tip that fits into a screw head, usually a flat blade or a Phillips style.

Impact screwdrivers apply a lot of force quickly to break heavy-duty bolts loose. They have thick metal bodies with gears that force a swappable bit into the head of a bolt.

Pipe Threader

A pipe threader allows users to create threaded pipes, a necessary tool for plumbing installation. It uses a ratchet handle, a die head that cuts the threads, and threading oil.

A mechanical pipe threader has a long ratchet handle and dies heads for various piping sizes. These tools are used for cutting threads into the ends of metal or plastic pipes.

Pipe Threader Bits

The handheld pipe threader gives you the power to thread up to 2″ black iron pipe, stainless steel, and rigid metal conduit. Featuring ONE-KEY technology, it wirelessly connects to your smartphone to track and manage the tool’s location and inventory and lock the threader out for the security and protection of your investment. It also comes with a carrying case. In addition, the kit includes two M18(tm) REDLITHIUM(TM) HIGH OUTPUT(tm) HD12.0 Battery Packs, a Rapid Charger, and a Threading Support Arm.

Pipe Threader Bits Set

This handheld pipe threader can cut precise NPT threads on up to 2 in. black iron pipe, stainless steel pipe, and rigid metal conduit (RMC). It features a heavy-duty ratcheting head for fast threading and includes three high-speed steel dies and a carrying case. In addition, the pipe threader is compatible with ONE KEY Technology. Finally, it wirelessly connects to your smartphone to track the tool’s location, manage it in inventory, and lock it out for security.

Water Filter

Your local water supply may contain heavy metals, chemicals, and minerals that can cause damage to your pipes and appliances. Water filters can remove these substances and provide you with clean, fresh drinking water that’s good for your teeth and hair. You can install a filter under your sink or a whole-home system for better water quality throughout your Natick, Framingham, or Boston home.

Backflow Prevention

Backflow prevention prevents contaminated water from re-entering the clean water supply. It’s necessary for homes and businesses with chemicals and an irrigation or fire protection system. In addition, backflow prevention devices help reduce the number of water-borne disease outbreaks in the community.

Backflow occurs when the pressure from a cross-connection is higher than potable water pressure. It can also result from back siphonage, which suckers contaminated water the wrong way.

Water Softener

Water softeners remove calcium and magnesium from your home’s water supply. This process is called ion exchange.

A water softener consists of a mineral tank that contains resin beads. These beads trade the hard water minerals for sodium ions that are harmless to your plumbing and appliances. The results are softer laundry, better skin, and more clean shaving. It also saves energy and helps your household reduce its environmental footprint.

Hot Water Heater

When installing a water heater, homeowners should only try to do it with others. Doing so could result in shock, carbon monoxide poisoning, faulty installation, failure to comply with warranty stipulations, and water leaks. Instead, homeowners can count on the Waco emergency plumber for professional installation services seven days a week. Their focus on energy efficiency, customer service, and quality artistry makes them a good choice for homeowners.

High-Pressure Water Softener

You might have hard water if your home gets water from a well or city supply. This can lead to mineral deposits that cause clogged pipes, damage to water-based appliances, dry skin and hair, chalky dishes, and faded colored clothing from the washing machine. Water softeners reduce hard minerals and provide softer water for household use. They are also portable, making them ideal for RVs and small boats.

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